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Appalachian New River Veterinary Associates

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About Us

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Our Story

Appalachian-New River Veterinary Associates (ANRVA) was established by Dr. David Thompson and Dr. Warren Moretz in 1985 after the merging of New River Animal Hospital and Appalachian Veterinary Hospital. In April of 2007, the practice was sold to National Veterinary Associates, (a private owner) of veterinary practices throughout North America. National Veterinary Associates (NVA™) is the largest private owner of freestanding veterinary hospitals in the United States. NVA owns over 500 companion animal veterinary hospitals and boarding facilities in the United States and Canada. NVA’s mission is to improve the comfort and well-being of patients by providing progressive and compassionate veterinary care.

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The goal of NVA is to support local medical standards established by individual practices. Each managing veterinarian is given the freedom to choose at what level they would like their individual hospital to practice and NVA gives them the support to reach their goal. You should not have to compromise when choosing treatment for your loved ones, including pets. We strive to provide you with the best quality care for your pet at an affordable cost because we don’t believe it should have to be one or the other.